Nexus – SNMP find Ifindex oid

sh interface snmp-ifindex
 Port IFMIB Ifindex (hex)
 Eth1/1 436207616 (0x1a000000)
 Eth1/2 436211712 (0x1a001000)
 Eth1/3 436215808 (0x1a002000)
 Eth1/4 436219904 (0x1a003000)
 Eth1/5 436224000 (0x1a004000)
 Po10            369098761  (0x16000009)
 Eth100/1/1      526581760  (0x1f630000)


Cisco configuration over SNMP

Before configure your device over SNMP, you need to enable read-write and limit the access with an ACL.

snmp-server community <your_community> RW <Access-list>

Now you can configured your device with snmp-set command. The following example show how upload a new configuration on your running-config with a TFTP Server.

snmpset -v <version> -c <community> <your_router> \
. i 1 \
. i 4 \ 
. a "<IP TFTP Server>" \
. s "<filename>" \
. i 4

You also can use FTP, SCP, … You have more information about the mib here.